BuddyCool Cooler Boxes

Uniquely Cool - No matter what the adventure, or how many of your buddies are joining, there should always be one particular Buddy who tags along.

The BuddyCool range is known for impressive durability, premium performance, and maximum convenience.

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Erin Accessories

Bringing sustainable and eco-friendly products into homes to help protect the environment and provide for a sustainable future environment for generations to come.

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Flexopower Power Energies

Flexopower has been designing and offering portable energy solutions since 2006. Their foldable solar panels currently have the most advanced technology in terms of output, durability, and aesthetics.

A well-known name among campers, overlanders, home office operators, and businesses and committed to innovation and providing efficient, reliable portable energy solutions.

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GamePro Spotlights

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Renowned as a master of knives and tools, Gerber’s problem-solving, life-saving products are designed with the unique needs of specific activities in mind.

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Growing Paper - The Seed Paper People

A Proudly South African Handmade Seed Paper Manufacturer that creates 100% Recycled Plantable & Biodegradable Handmade Paper Products.

Seeding paper since 2010, Growing Paper takes pride in the high quality of their plantable and biodegradable products that are made by hand, positively contributing towards job creation and providing living wages for all employees.

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GSI Outdoors

From overlanding to basecamp, backpacking to the backyard, GSI Outdoor makes cooking outdoors simple, with innovative cookware that is packable and durable, ready to go wherever you do.

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Honey Badger Knives

Honey Badgers are Africa’s toughest animals, so it makes sense that Africa’s toughest knife should carry the same name.

Honey Badger knives are superbly designed in South Africa to be tough, hard-wearing, and highly competent for varied long-term use.

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Jetboil's FluxRing Technology helps you harness every possible unit of energy from the burner, resulting in highly efficient, lightning-fast boils. Jetboil won’t make a product that can’t stand the test of time, so you don’t have to worry about buying one that won’t.

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Kaufman Outdoor

Kaufmann believes everyone deserves fit-for-purpose products and a good price. Quality is kept top-notch to let you adventure without interruptions.

The Kaufmann K9 Program aims to offer funding, training, equipment and support to K9 Units operating throughout Southern Africa. With every Kaufmann product purchased, a contribution goes toward K9 Anti-Poaching Excellence.

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Leica Sport Optics

For over 100 years, Leica has stood for uncompromising quality in innovative optical products. Products as exciting as life itself. Each is a high-precision masterpiece designed to extend the natural limits of perception. Discover the wonders of the world in unparalleled brilliance, perfect image quality, and breathtaking natural colour reproduction.

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Leisure Quip

Outdoor lifestyle and camping specialists, providing incredible products for the outdoor lifestyle.

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Maverick Outdoor Gear

MAVERICK OUTDOOR GEAR® is a leading manufacturer of unique, high quality hotboxes (Afri-cases). Designed and tested in South Africa for all the punishment that an African adventure throws your way. Manufactured in South Africa.


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NEBO flashlights are useful for a wide variety of everyday tasks and are absolutely vital in the event of an emergency. NEBO has been innovating in this category for over 20 years and proud to offer some of the highest quality LED flashlights in the industry in a wide range of options.

As a leading brand in rechargeable spotlights, NEBO offers a wide range of high-quality and durable options perfect for outdoor use.

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Founded in 2012, NexTool is an international brand of tools with the focus on providing tool solutions for hunting, camping, hiking & climbing, craft, fishing, DIY and more. With many patents and international awards, NexTool has gained recognition and built up a good reputation worldwide.

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NEXTORCH is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of illumination tools and specialized equipment for military, law enforcement, first responder, tactical, and outdoor applications.

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OM System

Images are not created with cameras; they are made with a system, which is only as good as the sum of its parts. That is why since day one, OM System (previously Olympus) have strived to build a unique system that would enable adventurous, outdoor visual creators to break free and capture their vision of the world around them.

The OM SYSTEM, its core values, and advantages can be summed up into two words: COMPACT IMPACT.

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Orial Outdoor

Founded in 2020 with the simple goal – providing premium gear made more accessible to inspire more of us to get outdoors in the pursuit of a healthier / more active lifestyle.

Orial Outdoor continues to develop and source new innovative products, dynamic in use & trendy in design.

Premium gear made affordable – from bush to beach and everywhere in between.

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Pudney Leather Hats and Crafts

Pudney Leather Hats and Crafts is a fourth generation manufacturing business, specialising in finely crafted leather goods, designed to bring the heart of South Africa to your wardrobe.

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Rogue Ice Coolers

Made in South Africa for the African Outdoors. Safari-styled with bespoke detailing – but always outstandingly functional.

An ongoing project of passion, developed by South Africans, manufactured in South Africa, designed and bush-tested.

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Romer Cooler Boxes

An extremely durable heavy-duty cooler boxes manufactured in South Africa, designed to withstand tough conditions.

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The perfect choice for bush and lodge wear, worn by the Field Guides Association of Southern Africa.

South African and proud of it, outstanding quality, great fabrics, generous sizing, durable and affordable.

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Salt Gear Tailored Lifestyle Products

Salt Gear products are sustainably manufactured in harmony with the environment. Leather & Canvas stands at the core of the brand and by working with natural materials, lasting pieces are created that will age beautifully, are ethically sourced and are created by real craftsmen.

Salt Gear offers unique gift ideas, perfect for promo campaigns, curio shop items or guest appreciation that can be personalised with different branding options.

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Salty Safari Wear

Workwear designed and manufactured to withstand the demands of our continent's toughest workplaces. Manufactured on African soil to internationally recognised quality and safety standards.

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Santeco Drinkware

Santeco promotes a low-waste and low-carbon lifestyle by trying to eliminate disposable drinkware. The less disposible goods we use, the greener we live.

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Zartek specializes in bringing innovative products to the communication, outdoor, sports, entertainment and security industries.

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