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Cast Iron Chinese Teapots 500ml

Cast Iron Chinese Teapots 500ml

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A cast iron Chinese tea pot, also known as a "tetsubin", is a traditional vessel used for brewing and serving tea. It is characterized by its durable cast iron construction, designs and patterns and offers several advantages for tea enthusiasts:

  • Durability - Made from molten iron poured into a mold, heated and shaped, resulting in a sturdy and long-lasting tea pot.
  • Heat Retention - When heated, the cast iron absorbs and distributes heat evenly, allowing the tea to steep at the desired temperature for an extended period.
  • Design and Aesthetics - The intricate designs and patterns reflects the rich cultural heritage of China. 

Care Instructions: 

Cast iron tea pots require proper care to maintain their quality. After each use, it is essential to rinse the pot with warm water and dry it thoroughly to prevent rusting. Avoid using soap or abrasive cleaning agents, as they can damage the seasoned coating. Due to the iron content of the teapot, it is recommended to use a trivet/ pot stand to protect table linens and surfaces.


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