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Environmental Sustainability

  • Energy-efficient appliances, solar powered devices, LED globe fitted equipment and low-power electronics that are designed to minimize environmental impact and reduce energy consumption.
  • Products made from renewable resources or natural materials that can be naturally replenished.
  • Reusable items such as glass, stainless steel or BPA-free water bottles, coffee cups and food containers, reducing the need for single use items with negative environmental impacts.
  • Insulated food and drink containers, providing excellent thermal retention and insulation, minimizing the need for reheating and re-cooling and preventing food waste.
  • Electronic devices powered by rechargeable batteries, especially those with a high recharge count, that offer a more sustainable solution compared to devices reliant on disposable batteries. This not only reduces costs but also increases convenience, particularly in regions with unreliable power supply. While the environmental impact of rechargeable batteries varies, safe disposal and recycling are crucial.

At F.R.O.G. Supply Co., we have excluded single use battery operated devices from our product offerings.

Rugged Gear Made To Last

  • Gear built to last, ensuring longevity and durability to reduce the need for frequent replacements and conserve resources over time.
  • Equipment designed to withstand harsh elements such as being waterproof, splashproof, shockproof or dustproof, providing additional layers of protection and durability.
  • Products backed by a manufacturer's warranty, offering consumers peace of mind against defects while ensuring quality and reliability.
  • Items that offer replacement parts rather than requiring the replacement of the entire product, extending their lifespan resulting in cost saving and waste reduction.

At F.R.O.G. Supply Co., we meticulously curate our collection to ensure that every item meets our strict standards of quality, durability, and functionality.

Home Grown

  • Manufacturers and suppliers that create employment within local communities, preserving cultural heritage and traditional craftsmanship of the region, while providing much needed sources of income.
  • By supporting local manufacturing and employment opportunities, we aim to foster sustainable economic development and cultural preservation across Africa.
  • Products proudly manufactured on African soil, minimizing transportation distances and reducing carbon emission footprints associated with long distance shipping.

At F.R.O.G. Supply Co., we strive to minimize transportation and distribution networks by shipping orders directly from the supplier warehouse to the end destination whenever possible. This approach reduces additional transportation and ensures efficiency in our supply chain and delivery processes.

Conservation Initiatives

Brands, suppliers and manufacturers that collaborate with conservation programs or implement sustainable practices. These initiatives play a crucial role in environmental efforts by focusing on the preservation, restoration, and sustainable management of natural resources, ecosystems, and biodiversity.

At F.R.O.G. Supply Co., we are committed to supporting and promoting environmental stewardship within our supply chain by actively seeking out partnerships with brands, suppliers, and manufacturers that prioritize conservation programs, implement sustainable practices, and demonstrate a strong commitment to the preservation and restoration of natural resources.