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Flexopower's 3rd generation power station offering the latest technology with unique features. 

  • Replaceable LiFePO4 battery: replace battery as option.
  • True UPS: by-pass switch.
  • Aluminum casing:  non-flammable protection against mechanical impact.
  • Its gentle fast charge algorithm replenishes the battery from AC in just over 2h, in time for the next load shedding, without exposing the battery cells to unnecessary stress of a conventional fast charge. Ensuring the Lithium700's higher efficiency and longer service life.
  • Its UPS is suitable to leave non-critical items including TV, laptop, lights, modem conveniently plugged in. The UPS switching time is 20ms.
  • The heavy-duty Aluminum casing protects the interior, significantly prolonging its life span. Aluminum is considered non-flammable and fire resistant. 
  • Power Boost extends AC output from 700W to 900W by lowering the operating voltage from 230V to 200V. This allows to run appliances exceeding the 700W output limitation. Appliances with voltage protection are not compatible. Power boost is always on, except when being AC charged. 
  • Integrated Solar MPPT accepts up to 400W solar charge from 10V - 60V, max 10A. XT60 input. Plug and play. 
  • All charging cables and connectors included as accessory (AC, solar and car).


  • Battery Cycle Life:  2000 cycles ≥80% capacity, 10 years' service life +/-
  • Battery:   Lithium Iron Phosphate, LiFePO4, replaceable option (LiFePO4 has better safety properties than ternary Lithium).
  • Battery capacity:  672Wh / 210 000mAh / 3,2V
  • AC Output:  700W (1400W peak), 230V, 50Hz, pure sine wave
  • DC Output: 1 x 13,5V/12A regulated, Cigarette Lighter; 2 x 13.5V/12A regulated, DC5521 (barrel plug); 2 x USB-A Fast Charge 5V/2.4A, 18W per port; 1 x PD18W, type C; 1 x PD100W, type C
  • Input sources to re-charge:  AC230V, 400W, gentle fast charge; Solar PV max. 400W, 10V-60V, max. 10A; Car DC charge, 117W max.
  • UPS: 20ms switching time, max. 700W load
  • Indicators: Full LCD display for vital system info
  • Weight: 9.3kg
  • Dimensions: (L W H) 315 * 190 * 220 mm
  • Safety: Short Circuit; Over-Current; Over-Voltage; Low-Voltage; Over-Load; Over-Temperature
  • Operating Range: 0°C to 45°C
  • Certification:  CE, FCC, RoHS, PSE

Accessories included: 
1 x AC charger cable; 1 x Car charger;  1 x Solar cable with XT60 and Anderson SB50 grey connector; User manual


2 Years


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